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Board Games all day, everyday.

I wish. Too bad it’s only once a week on Monday. O well. I learnt a new game today it’s called DiXit. It’s quite entertaining and funny at times. But requires so many references that it can be quite tough at times. It’s a party game for up to 6 people, you should check it out!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Maoyuu 8
  • Uchuu Kyoudai 46
  • Puchimas 40

Starting with Maoyuu!
Hero is baws. He is the true meaning of strength, the chosen one, the only one. The Hero.
He has the strength, he has the power. But most of all, he has control.
He knows how and when to use his strength. He doesn’t oppress the weak or exploit his strength. This is truly a great anime of honour and dignity. It is a pleasure to watch this and have my faith in humanity being restored, even though it’s through an anime.

Next: Spacebroz
Looks like the next big obstacle after Azuma is up. How will the 5 of them fair?
Mutta seems like he has a way to get along with everyone eventually, but will the ladies be able to handle the strict military-styled regime?



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