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Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Chuu2Koi Specials 1-3
  • Puchimas 42

I’ll start catching up from tomorrow onwards.
Hmm… This is like one of those action scenes that appear whenever Rikka has her fantasies, but in more detail and full mecha glory.
I’m not sure how many of these specials will there be, but I’m guessing at 6, because that’s the amount of BD releases as well. These specials also made me realise that KyoAni can actually animate whatever they want and get away with it, simply because their art is so fantastic. I mean, JUST LOOK AT THE DETAILS ON THAT MECHA! Okay, maybe they’re doing this a special service for BD-release only, but still it’d be quite awesome to see KyoAni venture outside the moe-moe genre for once and wow us with a mecha or magic-with-spell-circles anime. Their attention to detail is incredible.

Knows how to write. Not enough. Looks cute while crying…… OKAY!


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