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Kujis are worth it, only if you think they are.

Went to the ToyCoin Nanoha A’s Kuji today. It’s not an event, just a sales-promotion thingy.
For thos who don’t know what a kuji is, it’s basically a “lucky draw” thing where you buy a ticket (set at a certain price). You then tear open this ticket and reveal which category of prizes you win. Needless to say, the higher the category, the less the amount of tickets. I’m not sure exactly how many tickets there was on sale, but it was limited to 5 per person.

I bought 3 and got 2 Gs and 1 E. For the D/E/F prizes you can choose, but for the G prize it comes in a mystery box, meaning you get a random of the 5+1 choices above. I got Fate and Shamal. As for the E prize, I took Bardiche (the black halberd). I also bought one for my friend and he got the F prize, I picked the NanoFate print glass for him.

Pics here:

Shinobu in the middle was bought during AFA last year. I had problem with the Shamal pic, and I was too lazy to re-shoot a solo.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

Moving on, I’m gonna try to finish up the anime that I still haven’t watched thanks to this stupid dizziness.

  • GJ-bu 8
  • Kotoura-san 8
  • Tamako Market 8

Starting off with GJ-bu
Huehuehue. This series is so lighthearted and lulzy.
And cute. Just look at that face! It’s so immensely cute right?

Next: Kotoura-san
Ooops, looks like something happened. But is it for better or for worse? Kotoura says it doesn’t matter either way, but does the Club President think the same?
Omg dat cliffhanger wat.

Next: Tamako Market!
Dammit this show is just too damn cute.
Also: Kanna best voice for sarcasm and mellowness this season.
KANNA ❤ She’s the best girl in this anime. Everytime she speaks, I smile. Her voice is just so calm and collected.

Also: Notification here

I have dropped Vividred Ops because I find that watching it has become more of a chore than enjoyable.


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