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Is it over?

I woke up today feeling a lot less dizzy then other normal days. IS THIS OKAY? AM I HEALED? I hope so, because being dizzy all the time is horrible.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hunter X Hunter 69
  • Mondaiji 8
  • Shin Sekai yori 22
  • Little Busters! 21

Starting with Hunter X Hunter!
AWWW YEAAAA DODGEBALL TAIMU! Razor is probably the next most badass character (that isn’t a main character) after Hisoka. He’s insanely strong. INSANELY. Although Hisoka is insanely crafty to match, maybe even surpass his insanely strong stat.
We’re gonna see dat gattai next episode and it’s going to be AWESOME! This is the first peak, that will soon be followed by yet another one. SO PSYCHED FOR THE CONCLUSION OF GREED ISLAND!

Next: Mondaiji
Meh Izayoi Y U NO THINK MORE! No point if you’re strong and you don’t save people! But then again, he’s been known to ignore all other factors aside from his own enjoyment. It’s possible that he’ll just sacrifice as many as required for him to have his fun.
Looks like the new opponent has a very high level of controlling gift. Also: Based on the Demon Lord’s name, it is highly possible that the real incident for what happened to all the children in Hamelin was that they were consumed by the Black Death. Black Death is a disease spread by rats that devastated the population in medieval times. I’m sure Izayoi will immediately figure it out the moment he hears her name, so that’s no problem. The real entertainment would be Izayoi fighting Black Percher. GIMME MY ACTION!

Next: Shin Sekai yori
How do you kill someone who you can’t kill with your best weapon? Everything is bound to have an Achilles’ heel. And in this case, in order to kill another human, you can only use another species.
But what they don’t know yet is a true pandemic, seeing as how the entire world got wiped with nuclear weapons before actually spreading the bioweapon. What will they do the moment they infect the fiend with Anthrax? It is highly unlikely that they can avoid him just by running away, although Anthrax will slow him down. Also: I hear Shun’s voice in the preview. Let’s hope he’s not dead. Just corrupting everything around him.

Lastly: Little Busters!
Looks like we’re diving into Kud’s route now. With only about 4 episode more to go, I hope they don’t rush it and take their time with it. I heard it’s quite heart-wrenching.
I wonder what will happen now.


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  1. I hope you’re feeling better!

    5 March 2013 at 4:00 am

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