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Let’s get down to business. They made major changes to the class I’m playing in PoE in the latest patch and now I’m VERY eager to try it out. But backlog comes first.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • GJ-bu 9
  • Haganai NEXT 9
  • Tamako Market 9
  • Puchimas 48 – 49

Starting with GJ-bu!
Next level fanservice: First we had teethbrushing, now we have hairbrushing. What will be next?! WORLD DENSEST PROTAGONIST VS WORLD MOST PERFECT WOMAN!
Also: Apparently animals can sense natural disasters WAAAYYYYY before our weather systems can detect it. It’s like their in-built weather radio or something.

Whoahahaha! Looks like someone might be in trouble! Also: I like how everyone already knows that they’re friends, but Yozora and gang keeps it from Kodaka because he’s so incredibly dense. Also: Rika gets no love almost always, sadlaif of maddo scientist.
In the preview: Next episode’s title already parodying something that’s airing NEXT SEASON. Way to get ahead on the parody train eh? I guess that’s why their anime is called Haganai NEXT.

Tamako market next!
Dis slice of life so cute. KYOANI Y U ANIMATION SO CUTE?!
Cute snippets of romance here and there, I wonder when they’ll get onto the actual plot of Dera finding the bride for his prince.

Puchimas! x2
O gawd the cuteness is overwhelming.


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