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IT Fair

Went to the IT fair today. Bought what I hope to be a decent desktop that lets me play Dota2 and PoE smoothly and in highest graphics. DO NOT FAIL ME, NEW COM. Meanwhile, I will continue to use my laptop for the time being until I get around to installing the new desktop.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Mondaiji 9
  • Hunter X Hunter 70
  • Shin Sekai yori 23
  • Little Busters! 22

Starting off with Mondaiji because Hunter X Hunter hasn’t finished.
WHOOO MOAR ACTION! But I’m not understanding anything about the story behind it though, mainly because I’m not well versed in children’s stories.
But hey, it’s k because there’s action. But according to the preview, next episode is apparently last episode. NUUU WTF DON’T END AT 10 PLEASE I NEED MORE SHIROYASHA X IZAYOI COMBO

Next: Hunter X Hunter!
O wow. This adaptation is good. The older adaptation was unable to bring out the friendship between Gon and Killua to this degree, but this one, coupled with the rock-instrumental ED in the background made it clear as polished glass.
AND HERE IT COMES, THE GATTAI! I can’t wait to see how they animate the end of this arc. It’s the highlight of Greed Island yo!

Next: Shin Sekai yori
OMG WTF IS THIS SUDDEN PLOT TWIST?! SO HE’S NOT DEAD AFTER ALL?!I don’t even. Okay. I can’t prepare myself for story twists anymore. I’m just going to sit here and take whatever they throw at me.
On the one hand it IS true that he wasn’t reported to be dead. Cantus leakage causing mass mutations isn’t wrong either, but for that all to be caused by one man alone seems a little farfetched. Maybe he came here for that Psychobuster so he can end his own life?

Lastly: Little Busters!
Not sure if Kud’s route is over, but doesn’t feel like it. Looks like Kurugaya knows something we don’t.
Okay, so preview just confirmed that Kud’s route isn’t ended. But it’s making me incredibly sad. Why Kud? WHY?!


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