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Last minute, as usual

Okay so I forgot about (or rather procrastinated about) watching anime yesterday, hence the no post. Today I will finish up what I can and post them because I will be gone from tomorrow (16 Mar) till next Thursday (21 Mar). I won’t have access to internet during that period and won’t be posting at all. I know this is very last minute, but you can blame PoE for it.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Tamako Market 10
  • Haganai 10
  • GJ-bu 10
  • Puchimas 53 – 54

Starting off with Tamako Market!
OHOHO?! Looks like our happy-go-lucky Tamako is in for some not-so-happy-go-lucky news.
I wonder what will happen now? There’s no way she’s gonna do it right?

Shit man, so much shit getting srs. SO MUCH DRAMA-PLOT. SO MUCH
Being Rika is suffering. Especially when you already know that Kodaka knows yet he still acts like he doesn’t and you’re pissed off.
I feel so sorry for Rika, even when she’s probably the one that’s putting the most effort into their friendship. I’m sure Kodaka knows about it but just doesn’t want to say it out. He probably doesn’t want things to change. I don’t understand his fear, but he probably thinks that if he chose someone or let all of them just fall in love with him it’s going to turn into a very tragic tale. Simply because this anime is more realisitc in terms of romance than other harems where all the other girls are all friendly and shit with each other, while here you see them actually viewing each other as rivals. Rika best character in series. EVER.

Next: GJ-bu
But quite literally, almost the entire club wants a piece of Kyoro. AND HIS ORE-MAN, O GAWD I NEARLY CHOKED TO DEATH ON THAT HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA



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