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Holy crap addictive games

Okay I should really stop my habit of replaying old games. First it was FFVIII, completed that a while ago, and replayed it awhile ago. Now I reinstalled Prototype and is currently hooked to stealth-infiltrating bases and stealth-consuming EVERYONE in the base. I think I’m going to keep missing posts like this =<

O well, no anime watched today, but I should at least do the 30 day games challenge

Section 2: 30 Day Games Challenge

Day 3: An underrated game.

Underrated game huh… I don’t actually play a lot of games, so I wouldn’t know if it’s underrated or not. But one of the games that I feel is quite fun yet rather unknown would be Digimon Rumble Arena 1 on the PS1 console. Due to it’s date and the console that it was released on, the game is quite unfamiliar to the current younger generation. I think many have played the 2nd edition released on the PS2 with 3D-ish graphics and more characters, but the first one was more… challenging?

In Rumble Arena 2, you could insta-evolve by taking items that immediately filled your evolution gauge, but in Rumble Arena 1, you had to manually fill it up with attacks on your opponents. Although Rumble Arena 2 had higher player limit, Rumble Arena 1 is fun too, because of the seemingly-random maps. Maps that had random elements like suddenly turning the gravity, or suddenly sending boulders that rolled at you.

As you can see, the selection pool is very small, but it made for a more challenging game. Now I don’t have any consoles, so where did I play this? I used to go to a friend’s house to play it 1v1. He only had a PS2, but it was modded to be able to play PS1 games, so we played often.

I used to just button mash my way to victory, but I slowly learned and eventually knew a bit of combos. Still not as good as my friend, though I kinda stopped playing it because we went to different schools already. I think the last time I actually played this game was almost 8 years ago already.


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