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Dammit holidays

For some reason, I have all the time in the world during holidays to watch anime — but I don’t watch them willingly (I’m forcing myself to watch these episodes). WTF IS WRONG WITH ME?!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 23
  • Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 10
  • Maoyuu 10
  • Tamako Market 11
  • Puchimas 60 – 61

Starting off with the stacking episodes again.
O damn graduation. Still not sure what has been decided, but Sakurasou will probably not get shut down. Ryuunosuke’s guesses were spot on though.
And Jin’s confrontation with the principal is quite lulzy. When Ryuunosuke walked in I thought he was gonna expose the Principal on his wrongful shutting down, but I guess not.
Terrible face there Sorata. But then again I don’t want to care about you anymore because you definitely won’t pick Nanami. You jerk.

Next: Sasami-san
This show is all about Tsurugi. Or at least this episode was.
Sometimes I wonder if she’s just acting the idiot or she really is one. But she’s reliable when it comes to the time she needs to be, so I guess it’s okay.
Granted that she’s old, she still shouldn’t be acting like a perverted old man. That scene that she told Tama to act out in the bus. IT WAS SO AWESOME! That’s the only time I allow her to act that way.

Next: Maoyuu
With the Demon Lord gone for quite a while, what will Hero and the Student-lady do? Of course Hero is still OP as ever and can wipe out the entire human race should he wish to, but instead of resorting to violence, he’s actually thinking of ways that will NOT cause violence. That’s quite bold, considering he knows no other way to negotiate except by means of violence. I guess hanging around Demon Lord has taught him a few things.
I’m also quite interested in the Merchant’s plans. He’s literally withholding wheat from people just so he can earn a lot of money. What is his plan exactly? We know that he’s working with the Winter Country, but why force people to go there and buy out all their food instead? Is he still neutral or does he really want to work with the Demon Lord? Will the demons and the humans ever be able to live together peacefully?

Next: Tamako Market
Kanna still holds position as best character in this show. The entire shopping district is focused on Tamako being a princess, but Kanna continues to focus on things she wants to. Things like support beams.
Tamako tantrum is the best though. She’s so considerate even when throwing a tantrum. She knows Anko is asleep and doesn’t want to wake her, so she stomps lightly and whisper-screams. IT’S SO CUTE!

Puchidol interactions are so cute =3


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