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Sleepy Sunday

For some reason, I’m really tired today and feel like sleeping. But I gotta finish up my anime before I go bowling yeaaaa!!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hunter X Hunter 73
  • Maoyuu 11
  • Polar Bear Cafe 50 (End)
  • Little Busters! 25

Starting off with Hunter X Hunter!
Whooo! First episode down. Killua and Biscuit’s battle. Next one will be Gon’s battle and explanation, possibly the clearing of the game as well.
Not sure if for drama or not, but it seems that both Killua and Biscuit are actually stronger than Gon, and thus more fit to take on Gensuru but why would they let him? Is it to use Gensuru’s overconfidence against him?

Next: Maoyuu
I have the next episode ready-to-watch, but I shall wait patiently. At least till tomorrow before I watch the final episode.
In the mean time, I’m going to let the suspense sink in. According to preview, the Demon Lord eventually goes back to normal, but what will happen to the Winter country that is under oppression from the central nations?

Next: Polar Bear Cafe
Looked very last-episode-ish, but I don’t think it is. And so it appears that it IS the end.
Well, it wasn’t too bad of a end even if it WAS the last episode.

Lastly: Little Busters!
Soo… It turns out that Kyousuke might be the one that’s secretly writing notes to Rin with her cats.
The question now is: how does he know? Is he a ghost that traveled back in time to give them all these hints?

Section 2: 30 Day Game Challenge

Day 9: Saddest game scene.

Without a doubt, the scene definitely goes to Clannad and the scene where *spoiler*’s *spoiler* died.

Sure there are many other tearjerking moments in Clannad, actually, the one that I cried the most at wasn’t actually a sad scene, but a very touching scene. So it can’t be considered a sad scene. However, the scene mentioned above is indeed the saddest scene in the game (for me).
Needless to say, I actually watched the anime before going onto the VN, but still, sad scene is sad. I’m sure many people will mention *spoiler*’s death in FFVII, but I didn’t play that game, and to what I know from reading the guidebook, *spoiler* wasn’t that useful of a character either, so the gameplay is largely unaffected. It isn’t really a huge handicap unless you hardcore leveled the character.


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