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End season?

Herp. I was thinking why wasn’t there any more anime being released. Silly me, it’s already the end of the season and we’re all waiting for OreImo S2 to air. Okay then, I’ll just watch one episode per day until the next season goes on full swing.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Haganai NEXT 12 (End)

I’m gonna watch the ones I’m anticipating first, although I know haganai will probably be an open end.
Yep. Open end for a potential season 3. To be honest, I’m really liking how there’s plot in the show now. Previously in season 1 it was all shits and giggles, but now there’s actual moving plot.
Rika still best girl, but also saddest girl.
Then Yozora is all emo because everyone is friends with Kodaka now and Yozora isn’t. Hey it’s not my fault that you’re the one openly telling people not to call you a friend. (Season 1 ending)

Section 2: 30 Day Game Challenge

Day 11: Gaming system of choice.

Without a doubt, this goes to PC. PSP is not bad too because of the release of Dissidia being on the PSP, but PC is still > PSP. I haven’t had consoles since I was born, so I don’t really play a lot on them. But when I was younger I used to play computer at my cousin’s house whenever I went back. Nostalgia yoooo.

Sorry for no picture, because there’s really nothing to show. I’m sure all of you guys already know what my PC set-up looks like.

Section 3: Streaming games

So I downloaded XSplit and have my own account ( I stream RARELY. And by rarely I mean EXTREMELY rare. But if you ever catch me streaming, then well, good for you. I might stream when I play Minecraft/Prototype/PoE, since those are things I don’t really need bandwidth for.


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