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Anime Sunday

Okay I swear I will watch anime today and I will not be sidetracked by Dota2.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hunter X Hunter 74
  • Little Busters! 26 (End)
  • Hataraku Maou-sama! 1
  • OreImo S2 1

Starting off with Hunter X Hunter!

Next: Little Busters!
Yep. Little Busters has ended after a 2 season run. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!
Similar to the adaptation of Clannad, the first season is relatively happy-go-lucky and comedy-like. A second season is coming.
And THAT. That is where it all starts. Prepare your feels.

Next: Hataraku Maou-sama!
No OP, but the episode went pretty damn awesome. I love the overly-dramatic start and introduction. And after that, the EPIC EPIC COMEDY. O shit man I haven’t laughed like this since Yuru Yuri S2.
KHATSU-DOOOOOOOMMMMMO yea I forgot to mention the VERY AWESOME ED by nano.RIPE. Not only is it nano.RIPE, but it’s nano.RIPE singing a BALLAD. I love this anime and it’s currently at the top of my must-watch-immediately list.

Lastly: OreImo!
O yea KURONEKO <3!
And is it me, or did Kirino actually get cuter since last season? Maybe it’s just Azusa’s (K-On) voice being cute, but that’s fine too!
Well she’s still being a bitch, but at least a little lesser. Also: CLARIS OP YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!! Haven’t heard from them for almost 1 year! NEED MORE CLARIS YESYESYESYES

Section 2: 30 Day Game Challenge

Day 16: Game with best cut scenes.

Usually this would go to dem action type games, but I play quite little of that. Instead, I’m going to give it to Katawa Shoujo. Why? Because Katawa Shoujo is an ENTIRELY FAN-MADE product. It is legal to literally download it off the web and play. Not only that, it has some pretty sick animations and drawings, despite being completely fan-made.

Can you imagine? A bunch of random people, be it professionals or amateurs, coming together to create something that they all are passionate about? Sure there’s gonna be bumps here and there, but look at what they produced. It’s actually better than a lot of professionally produced anime out there (*cough Arcana Famiglia cough*).

K now I’m off to bowl!


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