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Okay. I have decided that today shall be work day, and I will finish up EVERYTHING before playing. Because apparently once I start, I can’t stop and don’t want to stop. So first things first: Finishing up the anime for today because I don’t want to go no-post for another day.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Haiyore! Nyarlko-san W 1
  • Hayate no Gotoku Cuties 1

So.. both are continuations of previous aired series’s. Nyarlko is nyasrlko, and HnG is HnG (Can’t take my eyes off you).

Without further delays, I’ma start with Nyarlko!
OP is different, surprisingly. I thought they’d use the same one again but nope, episode is rickrolling me. Also: ED is by Kana Asumi. NOW IT’S TIME TO PLAY GUESS THE REFERENCE THROUGH OUT THE SHOW! The first 2 screenshots don’t have references, but the last one should be pretty easy.
Looking forward for more references to find! I already found like 5-7 from today’s episode. I should start keeping track of them. Will play this game the next week when it airs again.

Next: Hayate no Gotoku
OP sung by Hinagiku’s VA, a little disappoint because it wasn’t eyelis, but I guess that’s fine too. ED sung by Hayate’s VA a little awkward =O
Great first episode. Subtly introducing all the characters, including Fumi-chan and Sharna-san. Not to mention the best of the 3baka: Izumi-san. First episode is centered around a day of the protagonist butler whose special power is to have ridiculous amounts of bad luck. Yay Hayate!

Section 2: 30 Day Game Challenge

Day 18: Favourite protagonist

Favourite protagonist huh? That only applies for story-based games. Hmmm… I guess I’ll have to say Okazaki Tomoya from Clannad. Why? Because he’s the manliest manly character ever to waifu his wife. Harem anime? HAHHA no. This guy doesn’t do harems. He picks a girl and he makes her his wife. And then he has kids and eventually becomes a kick-ass husband/dad.

This picture used to be my wallpaper because it’s just so beautiful in a lot of ways. Tomoya is just so respectable as a person unlike those random harem leads that I’m GAR for him. Seriously, he’s my role model. If you haven’t played the Clannad VN, at least watch the anime. It’s decent on the drama side, but the characters, especially Tomoya is really impressive.


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