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Slice of Life returns!

So this season, we have a Hidamari-ish anime! Actually we might have 2, but I’m not sure about the other one yet.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Aiura 1
  • Yuyushiki 1

Starting off with Aiura, the one that I’m not sure about. Whoops. It’s just a 3-minute short, but DAMN it’s cute.
Look at dat background detail!

Next: Yuyushiki!
This one is from the same artist that gave us Hidamari Sketch! It’s a shame it isn’t SHAFT animating this one though, I’ll miss the wide faces.
Okay I guess not. There’s wide faces too, though not wide enough.
Within one episode, it’s quite evident that all 3 girls are easy-going and fun to watch, especially the 2 idiots + that one tsukkomi girl. Must be tough, having 2 energetic lovable idiots around you all the time.
Looking forward to this every week! It’s the new moe dose for this season! =D

Section 2: 30 Day Game Challenge

Day 19: Picture of game setting you wish you lived in.

For those of you who recognise the game, good for you. For those who don’t: The game is Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced.

There’s a story to the game much like any other Final Fantasy game, but this one’s a little weird-ish. Basically, you and some of your friends get transported to a fantasy realm named Ivalice where you can change jobs and do anything you want! Not only that, if you ever go into an engage, like the one in the screenshot, you won’t die even if you ‘faint’ in battle, which is a + point for me. Depending on whether you play as the main character or not, I’d still want to live in that setting because it’s really quite cool where you go around helping people, have friendly engagements and basically have fun with friends everyday! It’s a dream come true!


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