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Snacks for dinrar

Because entire family is not back for some reason, so yea. Snacks for dinner.

O yea, Summer chart is out today too! Section 3!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hataraku Maou-sama! 2
  • Cyclops Shoujo Saipu 1-3

Starting off with the best comedy of this season.
Sooo.. Not sure if they’re moving onto plot, or this is just one big plan to make it an epic joke about it.
I’m hoping it’s a joke because I’m not sure if I can stand plot in my comedy when it opened up as a pretty awesome comedy.

Next: Cyclop ShoujoThis one is about a tall girl with a fringe that covers one of her eyes, thus cyclops. There’s a manga about it, and it’s pretty lulzy. This one’s an OVA so I’ma just watch 3 at once.
Meh, I thought it’d be fun to watch, but it’s just 4koma in slightly animated form. I guess I’ll just read the manga.

Section 2: 30 Day Game Challenge

Day 21: Game with best story.

Another one for the VNs. I’d like to bend the meaning a little for this one because “best” is very subjective and everyone probably has a different “best” story in their opinion. I’ll just say the one that had the twist that caught me off guard the most.

Of course, that game is none other than Monmusu Quest.

Why? Because it literally turned from a fapping game into a game with actual plot and story. I’m sure many players who started out just wanted to keep losing to the monster girls for the rape scenes, but after a while I just get so caught up in the story that I wanted to kill them all off so the story could proceed. CAN YOU IMAGINE? THE GAME’S LIKE “HERE ANOTHER MONSTER GIRL FOR YOUR FETISHES” AND YOU’RE LIKE “NO, I WANT MORE STORY”

Yea, it’s quite surprising. I am now patiently awaiting the 3rd installment. There are spinoffs written by others, but I’m too lazy to install the mods. Besides, I just want the actual plot by the actual game makers.

Section 3: Summer 2013 Chart

Here’s the draft chart: Click

I’m starting to think that I shouldn’t show images that are too small to read anyway, it’s pointless when you have to open it anyway.

So onto the chart:

Symphogay S2 – Not sure if want.DxD S2 -DO WANT
Ro Kyuu Bu S2 – DO WANT!
Fate/kaleid Liner Prisma Illya – If you haven’t read the manga, go read it. It’s actually pretty damn impressive considering it was just a spinoff.

That’s about it for me. There’s also Rozen Maiden but I’m not sure if I can watch it despite not having watched the older series. Maybe I will because they did say that it’s a “remake”, like with Hunter X Hunter (2011). No KyoAni anime announced yet, although I’m pretty sure that swimming anime that’s been circulating will probably be next season.


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