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I’m so bored. Even more so when the anime I’m following isn’t released today. Now I don’t even feel like watching ANYTHING. Not the last episode of Kotoura-san, not that backlog episode of Uchuu Kyoudai, nothing. I’m going out later, so I won’t even have time to watch anything once it hits evening. Meh, I’ll just whittle the time away with random stuff like re-creating the Angel Beats ED Brave Song on Minecraft notes. I hit a big wall because I have no idea how it goes after a certain portion. Playing the song doesn’t really help much.

edit2: I made a video and streamed it on my ( If anyone’s interested, you can go watch the horrible quality video. The song starts at around 1:00 or so, was derping around at the start.

Section 2: 30 Day Game Challenge

Day 27: Most epic scene ever.

This one should be reserved for the action series’s right? BUT NOPE, I’MA GIVE IT TO COMEDY SCENES BECAUSE COMEDY SCENES ARE EPIC TOO!

edit: found a screenshot!

I can’t find a screenshot on google, and playing the game might take me awhile, so I’ll just describe the scene to you.

>You’re Ein, exploring ruins with your harem and looting dem treasure chests.
>Suddenly, ruin floors give way because they’re ruins and crumbly.
>Everyone falls and hits the ground, takes damage.>Quick check on everyone “Y’all okay?”
>Everyone takes a little damage except Serene cos she’s got wings.
>Asks her to carry us up 1 by 1, nope, no can do sir, wings only work for herself.
>Random fire witch appears and asks if she should magic up some rope-ladder-thing to escape.
>In her epic ditzyness, she fell while doing it and landed butt first on your face.
>”Ara ara~ Looks like I’m trapped too! Teehee!” *knocks head with fist while sticking out tongue* – says the fire witch
>”Where’s that noise coming from?”
>Gets off quickly and asks if you’re fine.

>DECISION!->Don’t worry, you’re soft.
->Ouch! That hurt!

Which should you choose? Of course you’d choose the first right? But that screws up everyone’s love-meter with you by 1 point (even though it raises fire witch’s meter by 1). The second choice lowers fire witch’s meter by 1 point. You’re caught between the ground and a soft butt. What should you do!?

O btw, game is Riviera: The Promised Land. Go play it if you’re still not playing it.


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