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Don’t feed the spambots?

So.. Following the post made yesterday, I received a record number of spambot comments today. Well, it isn’t really much of a record, but okay. I guess I should ignore spambots as if they’re trolls…. wait what? K nvm.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hataraku Maou-sama! 3
  • Railgun S 2

Starting with Maou-sama!
Whoa Maou is really damn badass. The comedy is good, but the plot isn’t too bad either. I’m actually really interested in what’s happening, especially the plot to annihilate both the Hero and Demon Lord.
The interactions between awkward-grudge-bearing Hero and the now-is-what’s-important Demon Lord is just lol. Ashiya is also extremely funny in how he’s the only one that cares about getting back to Ente Isle while the Demon Lord’s like HAHAHAHAHA F’YES 100YEN PAY RAISE!
Chi-chan reminds me of Chiwa, except bigger boobs. So big that even the Hero Emilia is surprised!
They’re even dressed in green like watermelons lol.

Next: Railgun S!
Oooohhh~ They’re going into the plot fast now.
All she’s missing is the polka-dot skirt! And a certain albino level 5. Which makes me wonder, how much of this is a spinoff and how much of it is in the novel?

Section 2: 30 Day Game Challenge

Day 29: A game that I thought I’d dislike but ended up liking.

It’s nearing the end of the challenge and I’ve had so many games that I actually didn’t talk about before. But then again, those worth mentioning have already been mentioned. So for today, I guess I’ll give this one to……………… I dunno Tetris? It’s been a while since I last played it though.

I remember how I hated the game when I was young because I had no idea how to fit the pieces together. I just wanted to clear as many lines as possible, so you can imagine me taking the L shape and just sticking it front first into the 1-high hole, leaving an awkward ‘r’ shape sticking out of the floor. Then I’d just ignore the hole and continue building on it.

But now I’m better, or at least I think I am, but people on facebook keep proving me wrong. I can do triple-T-spins though, I’m proud about that one.


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