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Music corner recently got screwed up for unknown reasons, but now it’s back! It’s a little troublesome now, but I hope I can still share the music I’m currently obsessed about with you.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hunter X Hunter 76
  • OreImo S2 3

Starting off with the new arc of Hunter X Hunter!
We’re going into the Chimera Ant arc now. And unlike the previous adaptation, this one has absolutely no predecessor. This entire arc was never adapted until now. I am looking forward to this VERY MUCH. Not only to see the manga being animated, but also the voices that they’ll give the characters. So far, Ging’s voice has been a little disappointing, but the Queen’s voice is pretty good.
Looking forward to their skillllzzzz!

Next: OreImo!
Sooo… This week’s episode is about Saori’s past.
Saori without her glasses for the first time! ERHMAGEHD SHE’S SO CUTE!

Section 2: 30 Day Game Challenge

Day 30: Favourite game. Ever.

Dissidia. In fact, I miss it so much that I’m actually tempted to buy a PSP just to play Dissidia. Sadly, they don’t make PSPs anymore after coming out with Vita.



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