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Not-so-bad day, but not that good either

The only reason that today wasn’t that bad of a day is that I’ve managed to borrow a PSP from a friend and now I CAN PLAY DISSIDIA012 ANYTIME ANYWHERE YAYAYAYYAYAYAY. The reason that today is bad is because I got asked to attend a wedding of some people that I don’t really know and I used up quite a lot of time there. When I reached home, I ended up playing Dota 2 with my friends up till 10:30pm and only had enough time to watch 1 episode. I can’t even watch Hunter X Hunter because it’s not done, but Railgun is pretty good too!

Section 1: Episode watched today

  • Railgun S 3

Gonna go with Railgun instead of HenNeko because I want some action-y episode.
This episode didn’t have that much action, it’s mostly the explanation of the project’s background. I’m thinking it’s gonna take maybe another 2 more episodes before she starts getting wrapped up in the actual current project.
What I’m actually curious about is how Mental Out (the other Tokiwadai Level 5) has to do with this. Maybe they’re covering the first half with sisters project, then Mental Out as the next arc? I dunno, but it better be exciting =< Seeing how it’s the To Aru series, I have relatively-high hopes with the plans and stuff. Not so high hopes with the hero’s method though, but this one has no Touma, so it could be better.


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