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KP farming

So.. In Dissidia, there’s this thing called KP that is only used in the story mode. KP can be changed with moogles for lots of things, weapons, accessories, skills, summons. Unfortunately, many of the actually useful ones (everything other than skills) are quite expensive. By quite, I mean very. You earn 1KP per battle if you meet the requirement, the things can be worth up to 250KP. Of course, if there’s KP being earned, there are also ways to increase the KP earned. 1 way is to take risks by engaging the opponent pieces in a row, then you’ll get no. of KP earned x no. of battle fought. There’s also a skill that gives you a chance to earn 3KP if you meet the condition. It also does something if you don’t, but I’m not too sure about that one. I’m currently earning 109 KP per 7 battles. I spend 17 KP to set up this farming method, so I profit 92. It’s tiring to continuously fight against these noob AIs, but I want the KP so I can buy lots of stuff =D

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hunter X Hunter 78
  • Railgun S 4

Starting off with Hunter X Hunter, the reason why I started farming KP in the first place.
Whoawhoaaaaa it’s developing to be quite the horrible situation, even though I already know that it’s gonna come, watching it unfold is just so depressing. Especially when the real time comes, and the even more depressing part comes, I’m not sure if I can continue to stay positive =<
Plot inconsistency detected! The royal guards weren’t supposed to be shown so fast, she hasn’t consumed any nen-using people yet, so they technically won’t be as strong as they should. I wonder what’s happening with the production line.

Next: Railgun!
Whoaaaaa this episode could have actually just been shortened into probably 10 minutes? But too much slice of life to show lololol
Kuroko was really asking for it there. And wtf, viewing clones as nothing but objects.
So much so as to ask the clone to clean up the mess of other dead clones. WTF MAN?! Also: This one is #9982, meaning we’ll actually see something that wasn’t explained in the first season of Index. First season of Index only had #10032, but the manga had #9982 as well. So maybe we’ll get an in-depth explanation.


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