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Soo.. I continued playing Prototype2 a little today, but not because it’s fun. Mainly because I want to know what’s happening. The story’s good, but the game is subpar compared to it’s predecessor.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • OreImo Hataraku Maou-sama! 5
  • KoiChoco 13 (OVA)

I actually planned to watch Hataraku today because I missed the release by a little, but it hasn’t finished downloading. So I’ll just go with OreImo today. Whoops, it just finished the moment I finished that sentence. Time for a change in plans.
Also: The priorities on this show is so messed up. SO MESSED UP. But hey, at least Maou’s a pretty cool guy. Lucifer’s OSHIT face was epic.
Pretty cool guy yep.

Next: KoiChoco OVA!
Yooooo baking contest!
Was pretty okay. But Shinonome being politically correct with her answers as usual.


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