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It’s not the work, it’s the distance

Today, I finally told them that I was gonna stop working. 3 hours of travel time every day is no joke. I could be using that time so much better, like… playing or something. I dunno man, but the travel time is really bad =<

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hayate Cuties 5
  • Aiura 5

I’m still patiently waiting for FFF to sub Nyarlko. They’re currently stuck at episode 4, and episode 5 just got released. Also: Fate swimsuit figure releases in late June. Can’t wait for that as well!
Starting off with Hayate!
Wahaha! Hilarious episode. Romcoms simply aren’t complete without the tsundere who can’t be honest with her feelings, but yet is helplessly in love with MC.
Of course, the MC also has to be dense. It’s the rule of harem-romcoms.
Hinagiku so OP!

Next: Aiura


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