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Back to hectic schedule

Had explosive diarrhoea in the morning, so I decided that it would be best to skip work (YAY!) and so I did. Now I can finally catch up on my anime that’s been left alone from Wednesday till today.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Haiyore! Nyarlko-san 5
  • Uchuu Kyoudai 57
  • Hayate Cuties 6
  • HenNeko 5
  • Aiura 6

Gonna try to catch up to Nyarlko asap.
Need to play spot the references every week or I’ll be bored.
WELL WELL WELL WHAT IS THIS? It’s Norio Wakamoto being badass that’s what it is. I wouldn’t have caught this reference, but someone showed me that youtube video of Norio Wakamotorcycle a while back, and now I understand this reference!
So many references that I recognize today! This one should be Doraemon. The way he holds things when he takes something out, and Anywhere dial = Anywhere door.
This one is from Fist of the North Star.
This one is lyrics to the song “Aitakatta” (Which also translates to I wanted to see you, hence subtitles). “Aitakatta” is from AKB0048 the anime.
This one is obviously “test, test, BAKATEST”. You can’t miss that right?
And here’s a very ancient Pokemon reference. I remember listening to the first season’s OP in Japanese and this was the first phrase that Ash said. Of course, it wasn’t Dagonmon but Pokemon instead.
And that ends today’s Spot the Reference game!

Next: Spacebros!
Whoa that’s some brilliant mind that Mutta has. Though it’s a lot better than mine because mine uses a material that they won’t use. I thought of rubber wrapped around the metal axel much like an actual tire. Of course, the plus point is that it can be compressed and thus actually fit in bigger, but they didn’t want to use rubber for some reason, but sponge is good too!
If you’re wondering why parsley, it’s the term they use for non-important characters. I have no idea why Japan calls them parsley, but heck, it’s Japan. Land of the weird.

Next: Hayate Cuties!
This week is the introduction of the sanbakas!
So anyway, there’s this group somewhere that has the name “Izumi is the Best!”. I can’t remember whether they did scan translations for what manga, but I think it was probably for Hayate no Gotoku. Though.. Izumi IS pretty cute.

Next: HenNeko!
Dammit. Why am I so soft.
Why do people like this guy get cool lines like this. WHY?! I WANT THAT KIND OF COOL LINES IN MY LIFE AS WELL

Lastly: Aiura
I love teachers with this attitude. I dunno why, but I like them.


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