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Yes yes, I know it’s not a Monday, but it’s been a while since I last had an album to introduce to you guys, so today I decided to randomly introduce one of the albums I recently acquired: Mirai Scope by marble

Also: This has been pre-posted. I typed this out on 30 May and scheduled it to be posted on 31 May. Just in case I can’t make a post on that day. If you don’t see a post on 1 June, it just means that I’m either travelling home and reached late, or the internet is scarce/not free at the place I’m at.

Section M: Music Monday

Title: Mirai Scope
Artist: marble


  1. Mirai Scope
  2. puzzle
  3. Zanzou Kiseki
  4. fluffy
  5. nora
  6. catchlight
  7. Mirai Silhouette
  8. smile ~the landscape through a “MIRAISCOPE”~
  9. Suisai Candy
  10. Yume Gumo
  11. Itsuka Akaeru Sora e
  12. Kaze ga Fuku

It’s one of her non-Hidamari Sketch albums, so it’s quite a change for me. I’m used to hearing her very mellow and watered down tunes from the Hidamarble x Honeycomb album. This album’s a refreshing change. While still having her soft voice and fluffy atmosphere, the instrumentals are a little bolder in some tracks (louder and more prominent).

Personally, I like 「nora」 a lot. The rest are average, not good enough to be in my playlist, but not bad enough for me to criticize. It’s the tracks where you’d play in the background and I wouldn’t mind that it’s on because it’s decent, but I wouldn’t listen to it repeatedly.

Overall a nice album, not one that I’d listen to repeatedly, but is nice to listen to once in a while for a change of pace.


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