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Posting from yet another place

This time, I’m in Desaru! It’s a place in our neighbour, Malaysia’s area. The last I recalled when I came here was flying a kite.

Actually, it was failing to fly a kite. I was very young and didn’t even know how to get the kite up into the air. My only memory of this place is a fail. I hope this doesn’t negatively affect my experience =<

And once again, I have no time to watch anime because the bus I was on broke down, and we had to wait for another bus to come pick us up before continuing to the resort. So I left Singapore at 4pm, reached Desaru at 10pm. 6 hours bus ride of what should have actually been a 2hours bus ride at max.

To make it somewhat worse, the internet isn’t free. I paid 25RM (probably around 7~9USD) for a 24-hour usage of their pretty bad Wi-fi. Meaning I’d have to finish my next post by 24 hours of this post or I won’t get internet anymore. I’m leaving on the afternoon of the day after tomorrow, so I won’t be buying another 24-hour package.

So yea, here’s an update. On the bright side though, the bed I’m sleeping on tonight is almost as big as the one I have back home. Preparing for good night’s rest.


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