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Catching up

Got more backlogs to clear, but still gonna watch only 2 episode. Maybe I’ll watch 3 on Thursday or something.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Railgun S 8
  • Uchuu Kyoudai 60

Starting with Railgun
Oh? ITEM is introduced. I’ve heard about this one before, although not really sure what they did. Actually, I can’t even remember what GROUP does. The energy beam at the end looks interesting. I wonder if there’s a simple ability like literally letting you shoot energy beams at people. That’d be quite cool.
Well.. Supposedly, Misaka’s still a level 5. If she wanted to, she could actually kill all of them with most of her energy, leaving enough to fry the system, although it’s quite a risky move considering that you’d spend all your energy in one attack that may or may not be blocked/negated by the opponent.

Next: Spacebros!
Whooaaa, looks like there are still better people out there. Sponge rover did well, but there were ones who did much better.
Well, granted that their rover was spent with minimum budget, as compared to Team A who had better funding, it did spectacular. I wonder what’s next for them.


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