Anime, daily life and randomness

Early anime watching

Gonna watch them early today because I’ll probably be playing PoE the entire day today.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hayate Cuties 8
  • HenNeko 8
  • Aiura 9

Starting first with Hayate!
Good episode. I never knew that a notebook could be turned into a weapon and be used to knockdown a big thief in samurai armor. さすがはやてくん。
I do feel a little sad for Ayumu though. Nice girl, average and all, but Hayate just has to have crazy parents that give him a crazy life. O well.

Next: HenNeko
Suddenly everything gets crazy because of a certain pink-haired loli.
Tbh, I think once she actually gets her emotions back she’d win. But she doesn’t want them for some reason, I guess her subtle body language is cute too.
I love scenes with the very descriptive girl. I wonder who her VA is, sounds really familiar.

Next: Aiura
I might just turn the Aiura posts into “Saki has nice legs” posts.


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