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Packed day and packed weekend

So today, I actually managed to win in Civilization V. There are 4 ways to win, and I won with science. The other 3 are military, diplomatic and cultural. Military victory basically means you take over the world. Diplomatic victory requires you to build the UN and get 10 votes from the nations. Cultural victory requires you to complete 5 of 10 cultural tress. Science victory requires you to research until you build a rocket and send it off to space, which is basically what I managed to do, but failed previously because I didn’t know how to play the game properly.

There will be no anime again for today because I spent the afternoon doing recon for an upcoming camp (which is on Thursday all the way till Sunday), so there will be no posts on Friday and Saturday. I’ll post early on Thursday and late on Sunday. As such, there will probably be lots of anime for me to catch up to, but it’s also nearing the end of the season, which means I don’t have new anime to watch for a while, so I guess it’s still okay.

Today’s image:

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