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H-anime day

Don’t misunderstand the title, I’m just going to watch the anime starting with H today.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hayate Cuties 12 (End)
  • HenNeko 12 (End)

Starting with Hayate no Gotoku!
That was a pretty stupid ending. But meh, it was a stupid series to begin with. In the end, it’ll always just remain the stupid harem romcom that it is.
But just because it’s stupid doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s enjoyable and funny, but not an anime you want to watch if you’re serious about plot.

Next: HenNeko
Well………….. The past is explained at least, but there are still many many things that I still don’t get. Like why did he even go to Italy in the first place, how is Azuki Azusa related to all these aside from Yokodera making that wish for his facade? Lots of things, but meh, I guess I’ll just take the loli Tsukiko as appeasement and I shall not care.
But he’s quite the gentlemanly man though, aside from his pervertic side. I guess it’s alright.


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