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And the most anticipated anime? FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

No I’m just kidding. I’m looking forward to Monogatari S2 the most. Free is just bonus mancandy. Simply because it’s KyoAni, and it’s KyoAni GUYS. I’ve compiled a list of release timings for the anime I’m watching, so I’ll just post them below.

Monday: Recorder to Randoseru Mi, Highschool DxD S2 (Starting next next week)

Tuesday: TWGOK S3, Watamote (maybe, I’ll see what episode 1 is like)

Wednesday: Tamayura (Though, subs will probably only be out on Thurs)


Friday: Kitakubu, BasketLoliS2, Rozen Maiden, Servant x Service

Saturday: Railgun S

Sunday: Hunter X Hunter, Monogatari S2, Kin-Iro Mosaic, Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

There’s also Neptunia which I want to watch, but doesn’t seem to have it. O well, we’ll just look at the subs release and estimate. I’m gonna spend half of this season and a lot of seasons after this one in the army, and that means only weekends out (from the 3rd weekend onwards) so I’ll probably be backlogging A LOT of anime. I’ll try to watch what I can, but my Dota2 time will be severely limited. Either Dota2, or my anime watching, because I tend to stop anime watching for Dota2 with the excuse that “I can watch anime any other time when I’m free, but my friends are not always online”. Let’s hope I have the discipline.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Free! 1
  • Tamayura 1

Gonna watch Free first because I’m comparing subs. HorribleSubs to Commie. Commie has this habit of ‘westernizing’ everything (taking the -san at the end and changing it to Mr. or Ms. sometimes and etc.) I don’t like some of those subs, so I might choose HorribleSubs over it.
Okay. It’s confirmed that this is absolutely fujoshi material. The entire show can be re-created with 4 girls and have the exact same show, but KyoAni chose guys so the girls have something to fangirl over. To be honest though, their bodies are mega manly.
This is commie subs. Freedom Machine with America flag all over the font. I don’t hate it, it’s actually quite funny, but yea………. no. Also: DUBSTEP OST AT THE END OF THE EPISODE LOLWTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF OP and Ed are both sung by boybands (or maybe the VAs), OP is rock, ED is pop. Both do not catch my attention. Oh, I’ve decided to take HorribleSubs btw, because I like the subs better.

Next: Tamayura
This one smells like drama. LOTS AND LOTS OF DRAMA. Not sure if I can handle it.
OP sounds like elevator music. Not bad, not too good either. ED is a nice soothing ballad, sounds nice. First VA spotted: Asami Kana. Too easy to recognise her voice. There’s one girl that sounds like Index, and I can’t quite place MC’s voice. OMG I KNOW IT NOW: IT’S AYANA TAKETATSU!
Dat face. Well, first episode doesn’t have much drama, seems more like a slice of life than a drama at the moment. I hope it stays that way.


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