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Slice of life Tuesday

I think this would be apt, since it’s a Tuesday and all, it’s really almost the middle of the week and you’re only getting into the drone of everyday life. Some slice of life to keep you entertained!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Kin-iro Mosaic 1
  • TWGOK S3 1

Starting off with Kin-iro Mosaic because I heard there were lolis and yuri undertones.
No OP, but ED is probably what will be next episode’s OP. Sounds cutesy and lively. Also: My cute lolis and their cute behaviour
Engrish at the start wasn’t too bad at all. I’m usually one to hate Engrish, but aside from some small pronunciation mistakes here and there, it was pretty decent.

OP is not as epic as previous 2 seasons, but heck I’m watching this for the PLOT!
They skipped the 3rd round of conquests and jumped straight into the Goddesses arc, but it’s fine, the conquests were always the same anyway. As long as there are some flash backs to explain situations, it’s fine.


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