Anime, daily life and randomness

Slow day

Nothing’s happening today, and I can’t seem to find any games to derp with. I guess I’ll just watch some anime first then. I’ll derp with games later at night.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Highschool DxD New 1
  • Watamote 1

Starting off with DxD before moving to Watamote.
God dammit the first few minutes and we already get birthday suits. OP is good! I’d listening to it more, but the vocal sounds not powerful enough. If it were to be sung by say.. LiSA or May’n it’d make a lot of difference to the delivery.
Whoa sword fight gogo! I’m guessing that this arc would be centered more around Kiba and his past. He DOES look like the person in the picture, who later appears in the show. Hmm… O well. PLOT!

Next: Watamote
Everyone’s been saying how good the OP is, but I don’t really like screaming in my songs =< It’s a duet though, so that’s pretty cool.
ED is sung by the VA of the main character. I can’t stand her voice, or her character. Really. I’m going to stop watching this anime. This is just plain depressing.


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