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Whoops, skipped a day there

Yes, I actually forgot to post yesterday. The main reason being there wasn’t enough anime to watch yesterday. There was only FREEEEEEEEEEE! and nothing else. I also had to help out with a friend’s wedding as their Audio-Visual guy, I was with another AV guy and we had to do a test-run for their wedding rehearsal. Just to make sure nothing messes up big time. Wedding y’know.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Recorder to Randoseru Mi 1

Gonna start off with gay swimming and continue with the 2nd season of RxR
Holy shit this anime is so entertaining. Of course, I’m not entertained by the swimming, but more by the dialogue and their stupid conversations.
And of course, this girl. The teacher’s also something, but she’s not one of the main-er characters.

Next: RxR S2
It’s just gonna be the same stupid jokes again, I can feel it.
Eh? This time it seems like the production changed. The art style is so different, the jokes are pretty similar though.


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