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Bonus? MY FATE FIGURINE HAS ARRIVEDDDDDDDDDDDDD Although she’s still with my friend, I’ma get her tomorrow =3

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Monogatari S2
  • Hunter X Hunter 88
  • Railgun S 14

Starting off with NekoShiro
Whooo! I can’t get excited about this because I already know how it ends. =< My price to pay for reading the LN before hand I guess.
Senjougahara is a brave girl. She’s also incredibly observant and perceptive. I like.

Next: Hunter X Hunter!
Whooo! Depression in 3 episodes (or less). The moment the King gets born, depression will be at maximum level and only continue to climb.
As of the moment, there can still be scenes with Biscuit doing silly stuff, but soon. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON

Next: Railgun!
Wait… Wrong kind of feels.
Yes yes. This one is the right kind of feels. The feel of depression, the feel of not being able to do anything, nothing at all, while your friends/family are being put through despair. The feel of someone denying you comfort because you seek to end your suffering in the wrong way. THE FEEL OF DAT KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR WHO WILL CRUSH DAT ILLUSION OF YOUR’S. The feels, man.


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