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Sports day

It’s not a day where I go out and do sports, nope. It’s a day where I watch sports anime.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Ro-kyu-bu SS 2

Starting with the swimming anime of pecs, biceps and triceps.
Yet another episode of the girl with the fetish for muscles.
And we welcome the newcomer: Rei-chan!
He’s a little tsun, so don’t mind that.

Next: Ro-kyu-bu!
New French loli basketballer! Also, random appearance of Subaru’s dad lolwat?!
It’s a little weird to see all of them shooting, but it’s never a far shot (as in far camera shot) where you can see the person shooting and the ball going in. It’s always shoot, then the camera shows the ball bouncing in. Not realistic enough =<


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