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Just 1 episode

Gonna watch just 1 episode today because I have to go out earlier than usual today.

Section 1: Episode watched today

  • C3-bu 3

Gonna watch the gun-maniac anime for today.
Whooo! Yet another cool-badass girl voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki!
Meanwhile the newcomer:
Sooo.. You got babysitted until you won the first game, then suddenly when competition gets tough you give up? TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FACT THAT THEY’RE NOT GOING AFTER YOUR FLAG AND GO AFTER THEIRS WTF NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB
As much as I’d love to be nice to newcomers, you don’t fucking GIVE UP and expect to be comforted. There is never a “WTF CAN I DO?!” situation. You either lose honourably, or you win by the sneakiest means. I really hate it when the entire team plays serious and tries to win, but then there’s that one faggot in your team that gives up all hope just because the odds looks bad. To be honest, I was expecting Sonora to be easy on her, but she’s just too badass. She took the truth and slammed it in her face. I like that.
When playing competitive games, you don’t ever let me hear you say “it’s just a game, no need to be serious”. Fuck you. Fuck you and that fucking stupid mentality of yours. Is losing fun? NO. SO FUCKING GIVE IT YOUR ALL, OR JUST GO SUICIDE BECAUSE WHAT’S THE POINT OF LIVING IF YOU’RE GOING TO DIE AT THE END ANYWAY RIGHT

How you treat competition shows your character. You can play to have fun, but unless you think losing is fun, always play to win. Even if you lose, at least you tried your best.


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  1. Foxxie, RWBY post plx

    20 July 2013 at 2:01 pm

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