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My friend gifted it to me when Dota2 servers were down. Now I’m addicted, as usual. It happens with most games that I pick up. I get addicted and complete it in one day, and then I get bored of it. Well, at least this one is still pretty lulzy even if you play it over and over with friends. There’s always new ways to kill your friends huehuehue

Section 1: Episode watched today

  • Rozen Maiden 3

Only going to watch 1 episode today because I want to get back to my Magicka arena
World’s are gonna collide. COLLIDE! What happens if your future you sees your past self? Will it cause a break in time-space continuum and KABOOOOOM!!
Still, I don’t understand the Japanese mindset. What’s wrong with sewing as a guy, really. To be honest, that dress looks REALLY awesome, and if I were the girl it was made for, I’d be really flattered. But yea, Japanese collective hive mind. Boys’ gotta do boy things and girls’ gotta do girl things. Luckily, I have a brain that’s trained to not give a shit no matter what happens.


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