Anime, daily life and randomness


All the best shows are on Sunday. Almost every season.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Monogatari S2 4
  • Hunter X Hunter 90
  • Railgun S 16

Starting with Monogatari as usual
Hmm… Looks like 5 episode per arc, that makes 20 episodes for 5 girls (Hanekawa, Mayoi, Kanbaru, Senjougahara and Shinobu). I wonder how far it’ll go, up to 24 or 25? Well, there’s one more Yotsugi Doll arc in the LNs. Yotsugi’s arc will probably be covered in a short time, Nadeko’s arc probably won’t take that long either, so that leaves us at about 23 episodes with 3 to spare for the rest of the books. Should be fine.
This is the only arc in the entire series to be told by Hanekawa. I’m not too sure about the other arcs, but they should be told by Araragi and Shinobu. Wait. Hitagi end is told be Kaiki, so there’s a surprise that I ruined for you guys. I like his voice though, so I don’t mind.

Next: Hunter X Hunter!
At long last! The fight between Gon and Knuckle, Killua and Shoot!
It’s only the beginning, but both Gon and Killua are already losing?! =O

Lastly: Railgun S!
This episode will be the end of the Sisters arc, I wonder how they’re gonna continue for about 8 more episodes.
Looks like all the action was last episode, this episode only had a short bit with the final punch. Touma still being the dense MC that he is.
Wahaha Misaka why you so shyshy. Looks like next episode is gonna be slice of life, they’re gonna go back to full slice of life mode now? I don’t hate it.


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