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The International is ending in 2 days, and that means I can start marathoning anime once that is over. I only have 4 days left before I enter the army, so I’m going to finish all the remaining episodes before I go in so I have less to cover when I’m at the 3rd weekend.

Section 1: Episode watched today

  • Prisma Illya 4

I’ve been waiting for this one from Doki for the entire previous week. Glad to see they finally subbed it.
Hmmmm… Looks like Miyu and Illya made up for now, but still, the comedy. Damn, I miss it.
Miyu is quite technical. Actually, make that VERY technical. So technical that even I don’t even know what she’s saying. But yea, she manages in the end.
Here we have the cool and evil Saber. Saber Alt.


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