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The International ENDS

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! No I’m not actually going to spoil you, but it was disappointing. Really. No straight up teamfights, just pussy split pushing and pussy ganks. NOT ENOUGH EXCITEMENT.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Tamayura 6
  • Love Lab 6
  • C3-bu 6
  • Kin-iro Mosaic 6

All right. 1 last day tomorrow and I’m going in for good. Gonna watch most of this week’s anime within today and tomorrow.

Starting with Tamayura
Some backstory about Fuu’s dad.
Then there’s this thing. Seriously, what is it? It’s like a puffball cat but it doesn’t make cat sounds.

Next: Love Lab
MOAR PLOT! They’re starting to throw some guys into the show as well. Looking forward to stupid interactions!
Maki should phrase her questions properly though. This one is just… so…. unladylike.

Next: C3-bu
I can smell it. I can smell the next mistake that Yura makes: Too engrossed in winning up to the point that she doesn’t care about anything else aside from winning.
It might turn her into a Haruna. The one that rivals Sonora. I bet Sonora used to be good friends with Haruna until they got driven apart because Haruna got too engrossed with winning.

Will never get tired of this series. So cute and so amusing!
While my favourite pairing is Ayaya x Yoko, I can’t help but love Karen’s voice and bubbly personality. She’s voiced by one of my favourite VAs as well!Shino: Don’t mind me, I’m just floating around.


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