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Sooo.. Last day.

It’s my last complete day. I might still post again tomorrow, but then I’d have nothing to post about because I plan to watch all the anime I have today. And if there’s no post tomorrow, I’ll be gone until 30th August evening. That’s the first time that I’ll be able to come out and post again. Of course, I could still post when I’m in the army, but I’d have to borrow a laptop and I’d have to post in front of all my bunk mates which I think will be quite embarrassing so I won’t.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Monogatari S2 6
  • Rozen Maiden 6
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia 5
  • Servant x Service 6
  • Uchuu Kyoudai 69
  • TWGOK S3 6

Starting off with Monogatari. I’m told that this is a recap, so HorribleSubs won’t be subbing it.
Yep, just a recap of everything that happened from Kizumono till NekoKuro. No screenshots because the Kizumono part was just the trailer from the start of Bakemonogatari, and the NekoKuro part were just repeat of scenes from NekoKuro.

Next: Rozen Maiden
Dammit this store manager is one huge douchebag. Luckily, I don’t have the collective mindset of a Japanese. Sometimes y’know, this ‘community’ mindset becomes a problem. It’s required though, because human are social creatures. We need social interactions, else we’d be starved of psychological needs. But have too much of it, and it spawns discrimination, bullying, inability to accept others because they’re not the same as the majority of you guys.
It’s horrible really, but a collective mindset also has positive points: Willingness to work together, put our efforts together to create something big. In times of war, raise morale, never-give-up spirit because your friends are all not giving up. Depending on how it develops, community mindset can be a good or bad thing, but it usually comes with both.

Next: Hyperdimension Neptunia
Maybe Noire’s sister will transform today. We’ll see.
Well… Looks like everyone did. And everything was maximum cliche because this entire show is cliche. I guess it would be more fun playing this game rather than watching it simply because when you play, you get the action part. I’m just here watching and all the action scenes aren’t action-y enough. As usual, the bloopers are the awesome part of the show huehue.

Next: Servant X Service
Wahahaha this comedy is good. There’s a little story behind it, but it’s mostly to progress the jokes.
But it’s a rare moment to see Hasebe actually being affected by what people tell him. Maybe he’s growing to be like his co-workers.

Next: Spacebros!
OHHHHHH!!! Mutta is finally an official astronaut!
This reference. I LIKE IT. MUTTA YOU DA MAN.

Lastly: TWGOK!
4 of 6 goddesses found and contacted, now we jump straight to Shiori’s route. It was an entire episode of Kana Hanazawa’s voice. It was so cute I could die.
Clearly he’s gotten Shiori’s affection. Imagine if you were Shiori and you had feelings for this weird guy. Cross-dressing, seemingly-gay guy. I’d be pretty confused as well.
Meanwhile, he’s capturing some side quests unknowingly. Elsie probably won’t ‘love’ him romantically, she idolizes him. Haqua, on the other hand, ohohohohoho. I look forward to the day where she confesses her love. But that’s probably not gonna happen because she’s so tsun.


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