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End of the season, end of BMT.

In another 3 more weeks, my BMT phase is going to end and I’ll be posted out into a unit. Here’s hoping that I get an 8-5 vocation and can go home everyday.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Monogatari S2 12
  • Hunter x Hunter 97

Only 2 episodes today. Saving Kin-Iro Mosaic for next week’s dose.
HOLY SHIT WTF NADEKO TURNED YAN?! Great OP btw. Has that retro-blues feel about it. Was really good.
Well.. At least we know the cause this time. Now it’s just about how it’s gonna be resolved and what lasting effects does it have on Nadeko. New ED doesn’t sound very nice, and it’s not by Choucho as I predicted, so I am a little sad.

Next up: Hunter X Hunter
Ahahaha! Feitan is crazy, but I guess that’s a fitting power to have if you’re very confident with your survivability.
But then, it just goes to show that the entire Genei Ryoudan are all crazy bastards. In terms of raw strength I think Feitan comes 3rd after Phinx and 1st is the dead Uvogin. It’s pretty impressive you know. Feitan’s probably a transmuter. Transmuters are cool.


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