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Well, technically it’s in another 5 more days on a Thursday, but I can’t wait for it because it means I finally get posted out and I’m one step closer to getting out of army and into the society and world of all-work-no-fun. O wow that really makes me not want to leave army. Sigh.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Monogatari S2 13
  • Hunter X Hunter 98
  • Kyoukai no Kanata 1
  • Strike The Blood 1

Starting off with last season’s continuing. This Fall doesn’t seem to have much attractive anime for me to start on. I guess it’s normal, since the fall period is when students in Japan are all concentrating on their studies instead of fooling around watching anime. I’ll pick up a few seems interesting, but for now, the KyoAni is a must watch.HOLY CRAP THEY’RE DOING IT AGAIN. IT’S LIKE NISEMONOGATARI’S NADEKO ARC ALL OVER AGAIN
LOOK AT THIS. LOOK AT IT. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOK. Also, Shinobu gets a little of the same treatment.
Who wins? Shinobu of course. Shinobu wins at everything.
Back onto the storyline, it’s amazing how the white snake immediately went silent the moment Araragi (& Shinobu) appeared. It’s almost as if he’s actually afraid. Even though Shinobu is no longer the legendary cold-blood, hot-blooded, iron-blooded vampire that she was before. Gotta give the legend respect yo.

Next: Hunter X Hunter!
Woot woot! It has begun. The RPG-mode story telling. Killua’s story is the best because Killua. Gon’s one is pretty straightforward, only some action here and there. Killua’s one is the one with all dem skeelz and mindfuck because that’s how Killua operates.
I think it’ll probably end by this arc. It’s one of the longest and more shounen-like arcs of the series. Also, the conclusion is well-done (also lengthy, but is attached to this arc, so not separate) and there’s never an arc with insufficient action. Great series.

Lastly: Kyoukai no KanataKyoAni’s offering this season: a moeblob action-plot series. Let’s hope the action-plot is actually there and not too much focus on moeblob.
Whoa. OP sounds good, starting is KyoAni-like and a little too much moeblobness, but the OP raises hopes of awesome action scenes. Now to proceed with the rest of the episode.
Well.. The moe is certainly there.
So is the comedy, but the action at the moment is not exhilarating yet. Knowing KyoAni, I expect the story to develop properly and it won’t be some halfassed shit like Zero no Tsukaima S4. I hope.

Speaking of half-assed shounens, I hope this one won’t be. Next up: Strike the Blood.
Well… It certainly did start like a shounen. A little bit of action and some shadowing. No OP, but I suppose the ED this episode becomes next episode’s OP, so yea. It didn’t really catch my attention.
Also, loli vampires f’yes! The setting is kinda… weird. I don’t want this to turn out like another K, but I’ll keep watching for now.


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