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Got a bit more time today

This is gonna be the last book in of my BMT phase. Come this Thursday, I’ll POC and have 1 week of block leave where I’ll be catching up anime from the fall season. Prioritized by what I want to watch of course, probably going to catch up on 2 series’s a day.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Monogatari S2 14
  • Infinite Stratos S2 1
  • Yuushibu 1
  • Railgun S 24 (End)
  • Log Horizon 1

Starting with Monogatari as usual.
HOOOOOOOOOO SHIT LOL Crazy switch got flipped!
It’s quite weird to hear Kana Hanazawa to do a yankee voice, but that ending to this episode. I think this arc will probably be around 2 more episodes. After this one will probably be Kanbaru arc.

Next: IS 2
Watching this solely for Charlotte because Charlotte ❤ Okay I’m wrong. I’m watching this for BOTH Laura and Charlotte.
When the show starts with this, you can’t expect me not to change my mind. It’s impossible.
Charlotte is cute as usual of course, but she’s stuck to her manly image.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen a series start off and focus on 2 not-so-main characters, not to mention both girls, AND PAIRING THEM UP OMG THIS IS THE BEST!

Next: Yuushibu
I’ve read stuff about this anime. Stuff that says this is like watching Hataraku Maou-sama, but more calming. Thus, I’ve decided to give it a shot.
EH……………… Well… I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but the fanservice is really in-your-face y’know? It’s not subtle like ~monogatari, it’s not fitting in either, it’s just straightout in-your-face. I don’t like it that much. Will continue watching for a while to see what happens.

Next: Railgun finale!
Well… Great finale, although using an upscaled version of the first railgun conclusion isn’t too creative. It certainly is flashy.
Also, Saten best character pls.

Next up: A virtual-reality game-world anime that is similar to SAO (I heard). Let’s hope this one doesn’t screw up like ALO did.
Well, the premise certainly looks interesting. The main characters are already at level cap, I expect that this one will be one of more strategic maneuvering and PvP rivalry instead of PvE like the element that SAO had. Of course, there’s also the dungeon raiding with bosses, but so far there hasn’t been any reason to actually confront them yet.
And as usual, there’s the little deadly loli in every action series. Well… Yea. There you have it. It seems interesting enough for me to keep watching it, because I’m curious as to what happens when their hp actually reaches 0. Also, PvP is never boring.


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