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Dammit Terraria

I started playing this a while back. It wasn’t as addictive back then because I didn’t know how to play the game. Now that I do, and have strong items, I actually like the game a lot. Except for Wall of Flesh. Fuck that shit.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hunter X Hunter 100
  • Unbreakable Machine Doll 2
  • BlazBlue 2
  • Miss Monochrome 3

Not sure if Hunter x Hunter changed their air time, but apparently it’s out on Wednesdays now =<Well no matter. I’ll still be watching it every week anyway. Whoohoo! Here comes Killua’s badassery arc.
Next few episodes gonna be epic. The tactics and the mindgames. Too stronk.

Next: Unbreakable Machine Doll
Last episode we were left at a cliffhanger where MC and Yaya jumped straight onto one of the strongest puppeteers. What gon’ happen!?
Well… Cliffhanger again. ED is crazy. Like crazy rapping and crazy singing. It’s weird. Also: Previous cliffhanger wasn’t entertaining at all, but I guess MC made the right decision.

Next: BlazBlue
Now time for more craziness. Episode explained nothing, let’s hope episode 2 does.
Well… I have no idea why the 20 minutes feel so short, but then again I don’t understand anything at all. So yea, that could be the reason.

Lastly: Miss Monochrome
3 minute shorts!


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