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Flipping a coin

Every time before I decide to watch anime, I always play a game of Dota. I challenge myself to win, because if I lose I’ll have to watch anime. Guess what? I lost lel.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Free! 10 – 12 (End)
  • Highschool DxD New 6 – 12 (End)

It’s just catching up today. I can’t believe I actually have nothing new to watch today =O
Here it is. Free! summed up in 3 screenshots. Was crazy, but meh it was fun. Especially all those who couldn’t stand the yaoi undertones.

Next up: Highschool DxD
It ends. Maybe it’s me watching so many episodes at once, but it felt a little rushed to me. The ending felt rushed. The rest is fine. What also bothers me is that instead of actual “destroy-the-world” plot, it somehow deviates, although some parts of it still hold true (e.g. take over everything). What bothers me is that Issei gets all this power from his normal almost-human abilities. Sure it’s doubled every time you use it, but if you start from 1, it’d take quite a while to go beyond 10000. Compare this to say… Divine Divider. Vali starts at 10000, and sucks half of his opponent’s power every instance. While the power sucked diminishes every instance, he still gets a clear advantage. Compare it to Issei’s endlessly doubling. The worst part is that Issei can’t use his power while he’s doubling.
Well his rage may be magnificent, let us not forget what’s behind his rage: a petty and quite meaningless reason. Well, if it gives him the willpower, I guess it’s fine. Use it too often in a story and it might get pretty lame after a while. There’s a lot more to DxD than just this, foreshadowed by the appearance of Sun Wukong at the end of the series. I guess we might have a 3rd season if they earn enough money.


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