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First bookout from the new place

New place is not very… well, let’s just say that it has its balance. On the one hand, regimentation is strict. No moving when in file, stand by area almost every day, always in uniform. On the other hand, all-you-can-eat snacks (as long as you bring them in), phone chargers allowed, relatively good admin time, not much physical training, teaching us relevant stuff (although not very efficiently). I think it’s pretty okay, but I really hate the inflexibility of the regimentation though.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hunter X Hunter 101
  • Yozakura Quartet 3
  • Kyoukai no Kanata 4

Today is action day. We watch all the actions (all the actions that are in my priority list). Tomorrow will be SLife day, all the slice of lifes and maybe some action if they’re released tomorrow.

First up: HxH!
Yesyesyes. The action scene wasn’t how I expected it to turn out, but the mindgame was quite nicely done. 9/10 this episode. Next few episodes will be less on action and more on character development. i.e. talking, forming alliances and planning. This is why I love HxH. Even if it’s an action-oriented arc with a big bad boss, there are still psychological motives behind them and they are deliciously good.
Now it’s just waiting for Killua to show us his newly-thought powarzz.

Next: Yozakura Quartet!
Hmm.. Great episode. Lots of explaining, but not enough Ao-chan. Some bits of action, some bits of suspense. It was quickly resolved though, I was genuinely shocked for a bit due to the very nicely done pause, but all’s well that ends well.
Akina’s pretty badass when he’s serious, but he’s too good of a guy to get serious at some petty argument. Dat bromance so gud.
And of course, the cuter part of the show is always a perk-me-up. Cute stuff is cute, but I’m worried that all the foreshadowing regarding Ao’s brother. It appears that he’s the one who’s been doing all these ‘pranks’ and such. Maybe he’s angry that Akina refuses to send him over?

Next: Kyoukai no Moe
Awwyisssss action! Holy shit MC OP! Wait.. What if the Hollow Shadow was actually just MC himself?! The youmu that Kiriyama and MC fought doesn’t seem like the Hollow Shadow though. If you think about it, the original form isn’t actually that strong. Maybe it’s just a demon that can possess other object/demons.
Yoooooo.. So it turns out that it indeed was the Hollow Shadow, just that some bitch stole the loot. Y U STEAL LOOT?! NOT COOL MAN


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