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There’s never enough time.

You know, the power to stop time is one of the best powers ever. It’s practical, it’s offensive, it’s defensive. It’s everything. Controlling time is like controlling an entire dimension on it’s own, kinda makes you feel like you have demigod powers. I’m booking in at 2200 today and guess what? So many episodes to watch. They’re all in my priority list, so much so that I have problems prioritizing my priorities.

Note: There is an update in the charts! Winter 2013/14 chart is up at the bottom of this post in Section 2.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Log Horizon 4
  • Golden Time 4
  • Monogatari S2 17
  • Outbreak Company 4
  • Non Non Biyori 3

I’m going to go out on a limb here and plan for 5 episodes to be watched. In reality, I’m still playing Dota2 and lazing around the forums, but one thing I’d never miss: Log Horizon.
Whooo dat coordination, dat exit. Dat badassery.
Everything about this episode was awesome. It looks like it’s introducing a game to us more than telling us a story. Of course, it’s also telling a story, a pretty good one at that. Reminds me of the Greed Island arc in Hunter X Hunter. Dat game mechanics.

Next: Golden Time
Holy shit that start scene. I’m surprised that Mitsuo didn’t just slap her on the spot. Dat gentlemanliness.
Well… Is it official yet? Are they going to finally stop fighting? I hope so. Also, MC has big dilemma now. Does he go for Kouko, the one whom he just confessed to, or Linda, the one who was he’s friend back in highschool?
Decisions decisions decisions.

Next: Monogatari!!@!@!
YES, IT’S FINALLY BACK! Time to watch episode 17. I’m still bummed that Nadeko arc hasn’t been concluded properly, but let’s hope they do so sometime in the future.
Hawt damn Shinobu Time! But strangely, the first episode wasn’t all that about Shinobu, or about Araragi’s reminiscence of Shinobu. It was more about Mayoi and Ononoki.
There has already been story engaged. There’s this ‘blob’ chasing them and they’re freaked out by it. Ononoki came and saved them. Shinobu is still sleeping because she’s nocturnal, so for now, there hasn’t been Shinobu yet.
Okay, there’s Shinobu right after the ED song. And the plot thickens. But before we go onto the next episode, I must direct your attention to the cutest and best girl in this series since it started up till now: Shinobu.

Next: Outbreak Company!
New girl joins the harem. This episode was great. Great comedy and awesome contrasting opinions fitting of being a great comedy show. Things this anime taught today:
zettai ryouiki
The true meaning of ‘hai te nai’.
Tsundere love always works.
And lastly, fluffiness you could die for.

Lastly: Non Non Biyori
I should learn to turn off my brain when watching this. Nothing makes sense.
It’s pretty amusing though.

Section 2: Winter 2013/14 Chart

First: Here’s the link to the chart.

I figured putting the entire picture isn’t gonna work anyway, so I’m just going to link you. Now for discussion fanboyism.


Other titles I’m sort-of looking forward to:
Nisekoi (heard it’s good manga)Sakura Trick (F’yes yuri romcom)
Saki Zenkoku Kai (Finals of the tournament. I hope they clear up some stuff.)
Also, it should probably be around this season that the Kizumonogatari BDs are out. Looking forward to that.


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