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9 more weeks

I might start counting down to the date when I officially get out of the training. Since I currently only post twice per week (Sat & Sun), it might seem fast, but really, it feels like a long time in between posting but not even enough time before I have to go back in again. Sigh…

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hunter x Hunter 102
  • Yozakura Quartet 4
  • Kyoukai no Kanata 5
  • Unbreakable Machine Doll 3 – 4
  • Miss Monochrome 4 – 5

Starting off with Hunter X Hunter and the other action series’. Log Horizon releases tomorrow, so I’ll try to clear a bit of this season’s backlog.Ohoho, here it comes. The mindgames and the conversion. Loyalty and humanity. Honour and sense of purpose. Lots of emotions and virtues will be on show. The true meaning of ‘being human’. Of course, there’s also the psychological part where doubt, lies and suspicion comes in.
I thought she was an older lady, but apparently she’s a young girl. I forgot about that. Well, I remember the part where she’s blind though. And that she never blows her nose.

Next: Yozakura Quartet!!
Time for some Ao-chan ❤
There wasn’t nearly enough Ao, but this one makes up for it, even though it’s just a little. I WANT TO TOUCH THOSE EARS TOO!!

Next: Kyoukai no Kanata
Seems like Mitsuki has some sort of colourblindness. KyoAni’s being really subtle with it, but she probably has some sort of spirit-vision or something. Every time it changes to her perspective, yellow things turn green, and probably has something to do with red coloured things as well, seeing how the brother had such a huge shock when Mitsuki wanted to eat apples.
Now let’s play a game. Every time someone says the following line, you have to do something (drink beer, do 10 push ups etc.) I don’t want to limit it to a drinking game, but damn this line comes up way too often.
Try finding one episode where this line isn’t used.

Next: Unbreakable Machine Doll!
I have to catch up from previous week’s episode 3. I’m so glad that I waited. Episode 3 was a cliffhanger right before a fight. Now I can enjoy the fight in episode 4 YESSSS!@!
Mmmm. Great end to the Cannibal Candy arc, great fighting scene although it looks really CGI’d. The entire thing from start to finish seemed really rushed, but I guess they want to dive straight into the Evening Party arc instead of spending time on arcs that aren’t really the main content.

Lastly: 3 minute shorts
Well, it’s just 3 minutes. I suppose I can spare that much for a poor android that lost her entire fortune due to a scammer.


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