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Booking in again

Went to Somerset thinking that I could buy tickets to AFA in advance. I could, but it wasn’t the category I wanted. I only want the Festival ticket because the stage events don’t attract me. You could only buy the Festival + Stage tickets in advance. I am so sad now.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Log Horizon 5
  • Monogatari S2 18
  • Golden Time 5
  • Outbreak Company 5
  • Non Non Biyori 4

Starting off with Log Horizon.
Whoawhoa, next quests already? Time to save all the low-levels!
I wonder what the guild that recruited them are doing with all the potion-lookalikes. Selling them to the shop?

Next: Monogatari!
This season is extra confusing for some reason. It seems as if none of the arcs are adding up together. Nothing has been done about the ‘darkness’, but we did get an insight to Shinobu’s past. The reason why she swore she’ll never make a servant again.
Well.. Clearly, she broke that swear. It doesn’t look like it happened badly either, but I’m more curious about the current events. What is going to happen with that ‘darkness’?

Next: Golden Time!
The amnesia plot kicks in. There’s apparently 2 Tada Banris now, one with no memories but a body, one with no body but memories.
Also, anyone else feel that Kouko is moodswinging too often?

Next: Outbreak Company
I love the faces in this anime. Really. They’re all like poker faces whenever something stupid happens and it makes it so funny because you know they’re angry but they just give you the stupid smile that this anime loves to draw.
Aside from that, this anime actually has some pretty good content. A lot of parodies though, seeing a Seitokai Yakuindomo parody is quite rare.
Lel tsundere princess

Lastly, the turn-off-brain-and-watch show!
>Dat feel when disappointment.
>Dat feel when severely outclassed. Feels bad man.


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